The Breakfast Club Analysis

Analysis: The meaning of The Breakfast Club is that most adults look down on young adults, when sometimes the young adults can be better than the adults.

Examples that support my The Breakfast Club analysis:

At first, the characters look down on each other

- The teacher sees himself as better than the students
- The jock sees himself as better than Bender
- The princess sees herself as better than Bender
- The nerd sees himself as better than Bender
- Bender sees himself as better than the others
- Ally Sheedy sees herself as better than the others because she doesn’t have to be there
- But the janitor is the one who bests them all by messing with them by pointing out that the clock is fast
- The teacher looks down on them all

The adults are shown to be flawed even though they see themselves as superior

- The teacher is caught breaking the rules
- Bender’s father is abusive
- The jock’s father is overbearing
- The nerd’s parents are overbearing
- The princess’ parents equate money with love
- Ally Sheedy’s character’s parents ignore her
- Even the title, “The Breakfast Club,” shows how they are viewed as young

The characters have a breakthrough and realize that everyone is flawed, especially themselves

- They each show their humanity and admit their flaws
- They dance to the song, “We Are Not Alone”
- They connect with each other, and the nerd’s essay represents them all
- They not only see themselves as equal, but they realize that this epiphany actually makes them better than the adults

Camera angles

- Inside the library, the camera shots are mostly downward on the kids
- When the kids get together, the camera points at them equally
- In the end, the camera angle is upward at Bender when his throws his arm in the air to declare victory

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