Requiem For A Dream Analysis

The meaning of Requiem for a Dream is that people want to feel loved, and drugs can be a way to temporarily fill this hole, but in the end, drugs cause division and only make the hole bigger.

Examples that support this Requiem for a Dream analysis:

The use of light as a representation of love, and how the drugs can temporarily simulate this light:

- Harry and Tyrone are lit up by the sun through the window after their first score in the film
- The light of the flame
- Sarah’s neighbors sit in the sun in the front of the building
- The flashing lights of the television
- The flashing lights grow more intense as the film progresses
- “Now when I look at the sun, I smile”
- The red dress that Sarah wants to wear
- The red dress that Marion wears on the pier in the sun in Harry’s dream

The divided screens to show how drugs actually cause division:

- The opening scene between Harry and his mother
- The scene with Harry and Marion lying across from each other
- The scene with Sarah and her fridge

Holes growing bigger:

- The pupils dilating
- The hole in Harry’s arm
- The addictions growing stronger

People falling:

- The highlight of the roller coasters of Coney Island
- Harry and Marion go to the top of the building and watch the paper airplanes go down
- Harry falls off the pier in his dream in the end

Parental issues of the characters:

- Harry has a dead father
- Tyrone misses his mother
- Marion’s parents give her money instead of love
- The final sequence where each character ends up in the fetal position even though they are alone

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