Full Metal Jacket Analysis

Analysis: The meaning of Full Metal Jacket is that human beings are divided between their animal desires and their rational minds.

Examples that support this Full Metal Jacket analysis:

The Divided Screens

- The cadets are on one side, while the Sergeant is on the other, symbolizing the undisciplined versus the disciplined
- Even as they march, this division exists
- The obstacle courses represent this as well
- The entire movie is broken up into two parts, each ending in death, but in the first part, the death is animalistic, while in the second part, the death is a result of reasoning

The Division of War

- The killing of civilians shows how war is more animalistic than rational
- The interviews show how the U.S. side talks about how there is a lack of reason
- The newspaper editor wants to report news that supports morale instead of reporting the truth
- The title of the film, “Full Metal Jacket,” could be interpreted as the division that a human must take on when at war

Animal desires versus rational mind

- Bargaining with the prostitutes
- The character, Animal, acts against the rational orders
- “Born to Kill” versus the Peace symbol summarizes the film nicely

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