Die Hard Analysis

Analysis: The meaning of Die Hard is that sometimes the low-tech solution is the best way to attack a high-tech problem, and likewise, sometimes the little guy is the one who is best suited to defeat the big guy.

Examples that support this Die Hard analysis:

The terrorists use low-tech solutions

- When the computer password cannot be obtained, the drill is used to break through to the vault
- When the electromagnetic field stops the drill, the power outage does the trick
- The use of the chainsaw to cut the phone lines
- “Break the glass” when bullets aren’t effective
- Trying to escape in an ambulance instead of a helicopter

John McClaine is an example of the little guy defeating the big guy, and he uses low-tech solutions throughout

- “Fists with your toes” is a metaphor that shows how a small solution helps to conquer a larger anxiety
- He uses a table saw as a distraction
- He uses a screwdriver for his elevator tricks
- He uses tape to hide a gun on his back
- Instead of using fancy detonator wiring to set off the explosives, he ties the explosives to a chair with a computer monitor and drops them down an elevator shaft
- He is able to defeat Hans in the end by unclasping Hans’s expensive watch

The larger organizations are shown to be impotent
- The terrorists cannot defeat John McClaine
- The police cannot take down the terrorists
- The FBI, with fancy guns, helicopters, and training, cannot beat the terrorists
- Even the media in the end gets a punch in the face from Holly

Christmas references show an example of how just one guy with just a sled and some reindeer can accomplish a lot

- The opening and closing music
- The Christmas party
- The “Ho Ho Ho, now I have a machine gun”

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