American Psycho Analysis

Analysis: The meaning of American Psycho is that in a world where everyone is the same, no one really matters.

Examples that support this American Psycho analysis:

References to a loss of identity

- The facial mask scene in the beginning
- The name mix-ups, especially Jason’s
- Almost everyone has slicked-back hair
- The assigned names of the prostitutes
- In the final scene, everyone looks alike

References to objects that make everyone similar

- The popular music of the day
- The credit cards
- The business cards
- Toward the end, the apartment buildings appear to have the exact same lobby, and the doorman in the wrong building still acknowledges Jason

References to Jason’s detachment from everyone else

- His fantasies about telling people off
- The murders
- Wearing the headphones
- The commentary on “Hip to be Square” in terms of the “pleasures of conformity”
- “I want to fit in”
- Jason hates Paul Allen because Paul is a little bit different from everyone else, and so Paul “matters”

The final scene

- Everyone looks the same, dressed alike and mingling
- After Jason realizes that it was all in his head, this still doesn’t change him because he sees that he is still one of them
- The overall point is that in the United States, the “every man for himself” attitude means that people do not come together for a greater good but are instead are focused on themselves, and this in turn makes a world where everyone is the same and no one really matters

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