Film Analysis And Interpretation

From the author, Rob Frank:

There is no “correct” interpretation of any film, ¬†and each film analysis is just based off of my own point of view, so I do not consider these to be the “right answers.” At the same time, I have tried my best to uncover what the films’ creators were trying to communicate, and my methodology is outlined in the “Film Analysis Guide” section of this website, which is linked to in the menu above. Also above are the links to my declaration of Fair Use and my author page, which contains links to my personal website, my YouTube channel, and my Google+ page. Please feel free to add me via Google+ and please feel free to request a film for me to analyze that is not listed on the right. However, I should point out that I am currently working on song analyses because I find them to be more fun and less time-consuming. My song analysis examples can be found either on my personal website or my YouTube channel. Thank you for visiting, and I hope that I have perhaps changed the way that you view film.